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This bag was created for a middle-sized side handle teapot with a ceramic handle (200-550 ml, 2-5 person teapot size). Coming from studio.

Bag has 3 types of soft paddings inside to protect the body and handle of a teapot. Created in such a way that fits almost all shapes of the handles.
Have 2 alternative ways to keep the lid safe and protected:
- padded pocket for a lid, so you may keep the lid separately, next to the teapot inside the bag.

- keep the lid on the teapot. Depends on your teapot, its shape, and size.

Perfect for 200-550 ml teapot to serve for 2-5 people, suitable both for left-handed and right-handed ones.

Teapots on the photo are not included in the price, it's an example of usage.

Linen protective sidehandle bag

out of stock
  • Hand made highly protective bag coming from CAREFORTEAWARE studio


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